Can An Attorney Help Me If I have Been Arrested For DUI In Richmond?

People drink and drive without thinking about the consequences they may face from getting behind the wheel with a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit. In some places, like Richmond, Virginia, the penalties for being arrested for DUI are very severe. A DUI conviction in Virginia could lead to jail time, loss of a driver’s license and even job loss. The impact on a driver’s personal reputation is another major consequence.

That’s why it’s important for drivers to know what action to take immediately after being arrested, and how they may be able to win a case against them.


There is only a brief amount of time to act after an arrest for DUI in Richmond before the court date. It’s imperative for a driver to take immediate action to protect their rights before that date to avoid serious consequences. That’s because, after an arrest, the results of a breathalyzer and blood or urine test will be examined for evidence of a high blood alcohol level. The legal issue involved is whether or not the evidence was collected properly. Improper collection of evidence can help a driver’s case, as the evidence may be thrown out if there are any issues with the way it was collected, from a legal standpoint.

The other factor in protecting oneself from DUI charges is the way the police scrutinize drivers for evidence of intoxication. There are gray areas here which can be contested by a good attorney, as long as the attorney is retained early. While a police officer may feel it is within his or her rights to pull over a driver for weaving, the fact is that weaving may come from problems with the vehicle, or other distractions. Slurred speech and bloodshot eyes, even the smell of alcohol in the car do not necessarily prove intoxication. All these factors can be reviewed by a capable attorney, but the driver must reach out to receive legal protection.

Drivers in Richmond, Virgina should know they are in good hands under the protection available from the Law Office of David A.C. Long. Long is an experienced attorney who knows a driver’s rights and how to protect them. So, if you are in need of help following arrest for a DUI, contact our Richmond DUI attorney immediately.