New Traffic Laws in Virginia on July 1, 2017

Dozens of new laws and regulations in Virginia will be put into effect by July 1, 2017.  Let’s have a look on new laws and regulations in Virginia.

HB 2051: Driver’s License

This law concerns the possession of marijuana. The new law revises the existing provision that a person will lose his driver’s license for six months if they are convicted of a drug offense even if the provision does not apply to the differed disposition of marijuana possession. The exemption applies to the adults. License possession will be effected for the juveniles.

HB 2350: Using Electronic devices to Trespass

Peeping into a dwelling or an occupied building attracts penalties. The new Virginia law punishes this offense as a Class 1 misdemeanor for the use of electronic devices to enter another person’s property furtively or secretly to spy or peep into a dwelling building unless it is for the use of a lawful criminal investigation.

HB 1763: Special License Plates

This concerns the highway safety capability. The new Virginia laws authorize the issuance of special license plates for those drivers who support the highway safety with the inclusion of distracted driving.

HB 2467: Driving on a Revoked or Suspended License

The new Virginia laws stipulate that driver whose license has been suspended for the reason that they failed to pay court-ordered costs and fines shall run concomitantly with any other period of license revocation, suspension, or forfeiture imposed on such people.

HB 2201: Failure to Drive on the Correct Side of the Highway or Traffic Lane observance

The new Virginia laws stipulate that a fine is set for those who fail to drive on the right side of the highways. The fine also applies to those who do not observe traffic lanes. A fine of $100 is applicable for both offenders. Under the current law, such failures are punishable a fine that does not exceed $250.

Traffic violations and offenses, under the new Virginia laws and regulations that will be effected on July 1, 2017, come with substantial penalties. For this reason, it is imperative to consult a traffic attorney if you are arrested for various violations in Richmond of the new traffic laws in the state. For those facing reckless driving or multiple traffic violations, it is also important to talk to a traffic attorney in Virginia.